Wood Effect Tile – Better Alternative To Hardwood

Wood flooring is a design feature in its own right and can transform a space both aesthetically and functionally. However, hardwood floors can be problematic when it comes to being in contact with water and temperature change. But this doesn’t mean you have to give up that tantalising design you so romanticize. Because wood effect tile is the perfect alternative to hardwood floors. They are affordable, durable and long lasting. And yes, good friends with water and temperature change!

So, how can you decide if wood effect tile is the right decision for you? Hopefully, we can get you started right here.


Tougher and More Resistant to Scratches

To understand why wood effect tile is your better option, you might need to understand what it is made of. This tile is a combination of ceramic and porcelain, with porcelain giving the extra oomph in regards to its toughness and scratch resistance.

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Look Just Like Real Wood

Images of a real wood grain are printed right onto the porcelain or ceramic, giving the tile the desired wood look. The higher the resolution, the better the quality. And normally, the better the quality, the higher the price.


Now that you know why we all say wood effect tile is so much better, we want to help you choose the better of the better! Here are some suggestions for choosing wood effect tile.


Go For Porcelain

Have you ever drop a tile and gets upset with how easily it chips? This can be solved if you get tile made of porcelain as porcelain carries a higher hardness rating compared to ceramic.


Simple is Beauty

Because we are talking printed images here, there is a limit to how many separate, unique planks there will be in your pattern. This goes to say, the same set of repeated images will be used again and again throughout the space. So we highly advise to go simple on the pattern, or it would look like photocopied images used repeatedly on the floor.


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