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It has been forecasted by trend forecasting service WGSN that the colour of 2020 is Neo Mint as it is believed that 2020s will be a decade that is focused on the development of cutting-edge technology and the preservation of the natural world.

Evolving from the popularity of soft pastels, the bright tones of Neo Mint gives an ultra-modern and fresh feel. And the cooler tone gives a calming aesthetic.

Going Monochrome

If you are thinking of Neo Mint for …

While the main functionality of a kitchen backsplash is to protect the wall from oil, dirt and food stains, it plays a vital role in the interior design of your kitchen. It largely expresses the style of your work area, reflects your personality, mood and feel of your cooking space.

Plain or Patterned Tile

The design of the countertop should be the main consideration when deciding plain or patterned tile for the kitchen backsplash. To avoid two busy patterns coming …