Neo Mint (The Colour of 2020)

It has been forecasted by trend forecasting service WGSN that the colour of 2020 is Neo Mint as it is believed that 2020s will be a decade that is focused on the development of cutting-edge technology and the preservation of the natural world.

Evolving from the popularity of soft pastels, the bright tones of Neo Mint gives an ultra-modern and fresh feel. And the cooler tone gives a calming aesthetic.

Going Monochrome

If you are thinking of Neo Mint for your next interior project, we recommend going for a monochrome design scheme and balancing it out with textures. Textures like natural wood adds warmth to such cooler colour schemes.

Some black or grey hues are also a good addition, adding substance to the space and preventing it from looking wishy – washy.
Pairing with Accessories

A good pairing with a Neo Mint wall would be deep seafoam blues and greens, or even navy or forest green.

But if you think it is too “matchy-matchy”, orange and buttercup yellows are good alternatives.  Though these might not be your typical complementary colours, such combination of equally fresh shades doubles up the effortlessly cool aesthetic.

And for a more subdued direction, you may want to have light grey or white as a base colour and Neo Mint as an accent on furniture, curtains or décor. Salmon, dusty rose and even tangerine are all bold options that can elevate a space.

Calming Bedroom
Neo Mint is something you really want as a colour if a calming and soothing bedroom is what you are going for. And it’s such an easy addition – simple small doses of Neo Mint by way of accessories such as throws or adding to windows by way of blinds break up those white/neutral walls beautifully.

Refresh Those Kitchens and Bathrooms
A fresh clean look for kitchen and bathroom is easily done with Neo Mint. A Neo Mint backsplash or Neo Mint subway tiled wall looks fabulous with neutral or darker decor. To compliment that darker décor, throw in some metallics such as brass to create some drama.